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Who We Serve

Technology can be hard.

Vendors have mile-wide portfolios with 430% more products. 50% of what we do is in the cloud. 80% of our workforce is suddenly remote.  We made all those numbers up, let's be honest, it's gotten ridiculously complex and there's no going back.

Everything is easier when you have the right information, and having the right information just got easier!

Security-Conscious Organizations

Security-conscious organizations and teams can better architect and validate security with structured customized security and readiness assessments as well as workshops to solve today's network security problems.

IT and Infosec Professionals

Executive leaders and practitioners are better equipped to make accurate and timely decisions with 1:1 technical coaching and advisory services, giving them real-time access to expert advice for network security and related technologies.

Technology Manufacturers

Technical marketing and product development leaders thrive with outside input on how best to integrate security, demonstrate security benefits to clients, and streamline technical marketing messaging.

Organizations and Events

Industry organizations and events are a key part of educating professionals and staying on top of the latest trends. We support events with custom content, professional speaking, tech-savvy emcee'ing, and panel moderation.

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Just the Facts, Ma'am...

Save time, money, and energy by getting the relevant information distilled and to you in a meaningful and timely manner. No bull, no marketing fluff - just the facts.

No More Boo Boos

Avoid costly mistakes. Be the hero and save your organization a boatload by picking the right technology and products to support your business objectives.

Relish in the harmony

Keep projects moving forward with speed and ease. Our programs are designed to build trust and consensus so SOC, NOC, and GRC are singing the same tune.