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Empowering IT and infosec pros to make great decisions
  • Find information zen.

    From configs to compliance - save time, money and brain cells with free resources on best and common practices, industry insights, vendor comparisons, case studies, and emerging technology.
  • Make great decisions.

    Stay on top of trends with mini-trainings and get measurable benefits with readiness assessments, security evaluations, coaching, and an advisor that's a call or click away.
  • Be Empowered.

    Have complete confidence in your network security decisions. Build trust.
    Always be in the know with your own advisor.

Who ​We Serve

Technology can be hard.

Vendors have mile-wide portfolios with 430% more products. 50% of what we do is in the cloud. 80% of our workforce is suddenly remote.  We made all those numbers up, let's be honest, it's gotten ridiculously complex and there's no going back.

Everything is easier when you have the right information, and having the right information just got easier!

Security-Conscious Organizations

Security-conscious organizations and teams can better architect and validate security with structured customized security and readiness assessments as well as workshops to solve today's network security problems.

IT and Infosec Professionals

Executive leaders and practitioners are better equipped to make accurate and timely decisions with 1:1 technical coaching and advisory services, giving them real-time access to expert advice for network security and related technologies.

Technology Manufacturers

Technical marketing and product development leaders thrive with outside input on how best to integrate security, demonstrate security benefits to clients, and streamline technical marketing messaging.

Organizations and Events

Industry organizations and events are a key part of educating professionals and staying on top of the latest trends. We support events with custom content, professional speaking, tech-savvy emcee'ing, and panel moderation.

​What we do

Like a custom master class on-demand. Our assessments, trainings, and technical coaching give you and your teams access to the information you need, when you need it. With Viszen, make better decisions around network security, from configs to compliance.


Get access to free content, resources, articles and blogs on technology trends, products, and best practices. Enjoy the occasional non-tech brain candy articles and bask in information zen.

Assessments and Workshops

Engage in continuous improvement in security and knowledge with workshops, readiness assessments, and security assessments focused on network security.

Executive Tech Coaching

CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs - have a subject matter expert at-the-ready with technical coaching programs. Save time and money by having the right information at the right time to make critical decisions.

Practitioner Tech Coaching

Technical coaching for network architects ensures security and networking are fully aligned and best practices for meeting compliance are being met.

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Find your zen

Take that vacation

Reclaim your time and your life. Drastically reduce the time you spend researching and vetting network security solutions by having a subject matter expert by your side.

Save some moolah

Save money by fast tracking you and your teams with relevant information. Make great purchasing decisions that will save heartache and budgets.

Feel the love

Get compliance, security and networking teams on the same page, and feel the love. Build trust and reduce friction with cross-functional strategies and communication.

Meet your new best friends

Whether you want free content or professional engagements, we bring a no-bull approach to market analysis and guidance for real world best and common practices. Leveraging over 15 years experience hands-on and consulting from Fortune 50 down to the local K-12 school, we've seen it all (well, almost all) - and we'll share it all with you.

Jennifer Minella, Founder and Principal Advisor

Technology moves fast- we help you move faster

Too many products and technologies to sift through? We provide expert advice to IT and security leaders during digital transformation and security projects. Plus we'll help you keep a pulse on emerging trends that help your organization grow.

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